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Battlefield: Fall of The World 2022 France

Battlefield: Fall of The World



Origine : Battlefield: Fall of The World
Sortie : vendredi {data}
Titre original : Battlefield: Fall of The World
Durée : 101 min.
Réalisateur : Huang Zhaosheng
Acteurs :
Ren Tianye, Zhang Zhilu, Choenyi Tsering, 何卓恩, 劉劍偉
Genres :
Action / Science-Fiction

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Synopsis: Earth has completely succumbed to an alien invasion, and the planet, which was once everyone's home, has become a hell. To stop the monsters from invading, the guard troops formed by different countries have disregarded their personal safety to defend what is left. Cheng Ling, who barely survived the times by scavenging from the garbage, met Zhu Rong's team when he was being attacked by an alien hellhound. With the help of Gao Ren and the others, Cheng Ling believes that it's destiny that leads him here, so he decided to accept the mission to destroy the aliens' evil plans and search for new hope for humanity. Along the way, the team was encircled by the plunderers and chased by hellhounds. They met Dr. Dojepamo, who had mastered the technology to subdue the hellhounds. When the group finally arrived at the resistance point, they discovered that the so-called resistance point was just a trap set by the hellhound hunters. The real danger has just begun...

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Qualité : WEBRip 1080p
Format : MKV
Codec Vidéo : X264/AVC/[email protected]
Débit Vidéo : 1855 kb/s

Langue(s) :
unnamed.png Français VFF AC3, 389 kb/s, 6 canaux

Sous-titres : Forcés et complets

Français, Anglais, Russe, Espagnol, Allemand

Débit Global : 2841 kb/s


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Nombre de fichier(s) : 1
Poids Total : 2.4 Gbo

Bon film à tous



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